Custom Wylie 39
After sailing around San Francisco Bay on various boats over 18 years I found “The Boat” in
Lightspeed, a Custom Wylie 39. My previous boats,  an Olson 30 and a Wylie 34, were light, nimble,
fast and fun, but I was ready for the challenge of more offshore sailing and a bigger boat.

I purchased Lightspeed in the Fall of 2007 in Santa Barbara where she had a comfortable life cruising
around Catalina and Southern California. Although her cockpit and cabin were designed as a
comfortable cruiser, her hull shares the same mold as other Bay Area Wylie 39’s like Punk Dolphin,
Marishanna, Gavilan and Flash Girl. After her Sea Trial I knew she was ready to leave the comfortable
life and stretch her legs.

And stretch she did!!!!....Winning First Place in Division B in the 2012 Pacific Cup race to Hawaii
Pacific Cup First Place
Winner Div B